Thursday, July 1, 2010

It's Been Too Long

Unfortunately, it's been about 100 years since I've updated. I'm sorry to keep all of you in such deep, foodie suspense.

I enjoyed my short, yet eventful week in California.  I stayed in the Auburn/mountain area for the majority of my stay, venturing to the bay area for a day.  I love California.  Being an Ohio native and current Tennessee resident, its crisp, clean air and diverse population definitely attract me.  I basically grew up in northeastern California, as well.  I enjoyed playing in the mountains, travelling to small towns, visiting my family in Nevada City (where my uncle worked in the Nevada City Winery and then owned his own catering business for several years), skiing in the Sierra Nevadas at Lake Tahoe, and driving the many miles on the hundreds of highways throughout the state.  It's so beautiful.
My aunt basically convinced me to consider California as a destination for residency and medical school, so there is potential I will be doing some research.

But on to food I go.

I don't have any pictures to upload from my adventures, but I'll chat about it anyways.

Let's just talk about how awesome my grandmother is at cooking.  She said "I may not be a wonderful cook, but I sure do know how to buy things!" and it's absolutely true! She is the epitome of a semi-homemade chef.  She'll buy amazing things and doctor them to her best ability.
Like her olive bruschetta. Creamed onions and chicken on top of croutons. Her amazing chili.
She also spoiled me with rack of lamb and filet! I was in red meat heaven.

My grandpa also took me to a little asian buffet for lunch.  It had fresh, tasteful sushi, with a fruit bar, vegetable bar, soup bar, and hot bar. It was amazing.
Homemade strawberry ice cream, anyone??

Unfortunately when I got home from my glamorous vacation, I entered an apartment with an empty refridgerator teamed with a nearly empty bank account. Oh joy.
Luckily this evening I had some left over cabbage with diced onion, some "naked noodles" (noodles with butter), and turkey kielbasa. It was good enough.

Let's hope I make it to the super market after I deposit my pay check!!! *crosses fingers*

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  1. I'm glad you had a lovely trip. I also adore California...and I would love to live there if it was a bit more affordable. You should do your residency there if at all possible!