About Me

Hello! First of all, thank you for coming to my blog and giving it a look - I appreciate having you here, and hope you find something interesting.

My name is Katherine, and I'm a normal 21 year-old originally from southwestern Ohio.  After my senior year of high school, I decided to come down to Tennessee and attend school here in Knoxville.  Then, I decided to lose my social life and major in Biochemistry and Cellular and Molecular Biology.
During my Fall 2010 semester, I became heavily engaged in research, eventually landing my own position in a Neuroscience lab; I now conduct research with them, which I will continue doing over the summer of 2011.

I'm currently deciding whether or not I'm going to apply to graduate school and the Peace Corps at the same time. I am hoping to eventually do both.

When I'm not frantically trying to finish a school project or finish a research project, I enjoy cooking for myself and for others.

I grew up with a busy, self-employed father and a stay-at-home mother, but my family always made family meals a priority.  My mother always cooked and, being the curious child I was, I wanted to learn how to cook with her.  So through all the wrong measurements and intense clean-ups, I learned the basics of cooking - how to level flour, how to cut vegetables, how to prep chicken - from my mother.  But I didn't know I had a passion for cooking until my sophomore year from college.

When I was a freshman, I missed being able to have homemade cooking. Being so far from home, I couldn't drive home and get a home cooked meal like most of my friends.  When I decided to get an apartment for my sophomore year, I was happy to learn I would basically have my own kitchen (because my roommates were always m.i.a.). And it was inevitable - I developed a passion for cooking.

I normally cook the same things - naked noodles (noodles with butter/olive oil, salt, pepper, and cheddar cheese), veggies, or rice - but sometimes I get the opportunity to cook something really fun, and totally experimental.  My recipes here on Katcher Cooking will be a mixture of random inspirations, family recipes, or adaptations of things I've found online or heard about on TV.

This blog will not only be an exploration of my cooking and food experiences, but also little tidbits of my life as I continue to grow as a young woman, student, cook, and friend. :) Thank you for visiting and leaving feedback!