Saturday, August 7, 2010

Banana Pancakes and Shark Week

I originally wanted to have my post title be a quote from Jack Johnson's Banana Pancakes, but I refrained from being too cliché.. But as it is Friday, why don't you make you banana pancakes, pretend like it's the weekend now...
Sorry. I had a moment.
(Yes. I am continuing to listen to this song as I write this post.)

This week has been slightly uneventful, yet stressful and full or work.  But fortunately, I had friends and Shark Week to get me through.  For those of you who are too sheltered and don't know what Shark Week is, it is one of the best weeks of the year (I compared it to being the Hanukkah in August).  Basically, the Discovery Channel decides to grant its viewers with a week of continues sharky love - a gift every day of several hours of shark TV.
I know, I know... Sharks are scary and they eat things... But I mean, come on. Sharks are awesome.  They really don't just eat things, they are natural predators who don't like people to invade their personal space.  Sharks are awesome, and I would totally watch shows about sharks all day every day.
Shark Channel, anyone?!

Dusted with a little powdered sugar, anyone?
Anyways, a few mornings ago my friend and I decided to make pancakes before our workout (kind of contradictory, I know..) and she had an extra-ripe banana.  So we chopped them up and threw them into our pancake mixture.

Here's a secret, too... Put a dollop of sour cream in your pancakes to make them fluffy. Who knew?
Here's another secret... put a little oil in your pancakes and it will prevent them from sticking... What??!

Let's bow down to my fantastic friend Alicia for introducing me to these awesome tips!

So here's what we did...
Banana Pancakes
Jiffy baking mix, using the recipe on the box to make pancakes
1 tbsp sour cream
Look at that caramelized banana!!
1/2 tbsp oil
1 ripe banana, chopped (or mashed) and incorporated into the mixture.

Mix all of the above ingredients into the pancake batter.  Cook the pancakes until they start to bubble, and then flip.  Add a little milk if the batter thickens.

There you go! Yummy banana pancakes to enjoy.
Don't forget to catch up on the last few days of Shark Week!

Ciao e Bella Cucina,


  1. Whenever I make banana pancakes, I always blast that tune on my ipod...a bit dorky but way too much fun to pass up.

  2. You get a big YUM out of me.

  3. I love any sort of baked good with bananas (I think pancakes qualify as baked goods, right??). Thanks for sharing!

  4. LOL! I was watching shark week, scares me! They're incredible! Your pancakes look incredible too, delicious! Have a good week and don't get stressed!

  5. Hey Katherine, I know about shark week! Do I get cool points for that (smile)? These pancakes sound so nice by the way.
    Hey, I came by to thank you for your sweet comment on my sugar post. With posts like that, I'm always so hesitant to even do them. Some people love reading about nutritional topics while I can tell others are put off. It's funny how what we eat is so personal, you know?! The point in the end though is to help not hurt, so...
    Thanks Katherine!

  6. These look so fluffy and light! Yummers!

  7. These pancakes look so fluffy and delicious!
    Time for a wholesome breakfast.